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Being one of the leading interior design experts in Italy, Studiopepe has been impressing the world with their creative design ideas that blends the lines between the past and the present. In these projects there are surely modern and futuristic concepts, but with a mid-century touch. The famous Milan-based designers created a unique collection for Essential Home that merges both cultures into an iconic best-selling furniture line.

Challenging the limits of the furniture manufacture standards, the Happy Few Collection is a bespoke furniture line that mixes cutting-edge designs with organic details, creating fascinating contrasts that make each piece a statement for any project. Inspired by the Portuguese craftsmanship culture, the shapes of this collection by Studiopepe take us on a journey through Italian architecture that is simply breathtaking.

"We noticed there are a lot of affinities with Italy here in Portugal, and that’s is very interesting, the passion for Wood’s Craftsmanship, the etching, and other materials as glass or ceramic. All of these elements inspired us to test them into a design with a contemporary twist. It has been really interesting observing the employers at the factory, and their passion for craftsmanship. We have been influenced by their passion, so we decided to put them to the test." (Studiopepe)


Zelda SOFA


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The Inspiration Behind "Happy Few"

One touch and you find yourself walking the streets of Italy, discovering the architectural beauty of the 30s and 40s. A different era that teaches and inspires some of the greatest artists in the world, was also what the core of Chiara and Arianna’s inspiration to design this unique collection.

"We loved 20s because they have been years which were discovered and designed many interesting things, also modern, but mostly only in 70s will be developed, ages that brought Innovations, that’s why we have a kind of connection." (Studiopepe)

Made to Order

Essential Home is based in Oporto, one of the most renowned European cities with a strong craftsmanship culture. All of our products are hand-made with Portuguese artisan techniques, which give us the possibility to customize every product both in terms of dimensions and finishes. Make your product your one by turning it unique.


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