Whether it is residential, commercial, or product design, the Italian design studio has become one of the most renowned Italian experts in the world. It’s founder, Carlo Donati was born in Zibello (Parma) in 1965 and studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan where he graduated in 1992. Most of his design projects have been published in the international press, such as the most influential interior design magazines and books of architecture in Italy and all over the world.

The mid-century modern collection created by Carlo Donati with Essential Home combines two of the designer's favorite inspirations. The pieces are not only a tribute to the great Italian architecture and design legends but also a representation of Palm Springs’ mid-century modern architecture and design culture with its taste for bright colors and the typical upholstery with geometric patterns. Each piece of La Dolce Vita Collection is named after an Italian great actor or director of the Fifties and Sixties. He considers it a design mirage, defined by its modern, functional, and aesthetic concepts.

"Designing for Essential Home is a challenge I took up with enthusiasm because it gives me the opportunity to work on one of my favorite styles and moods which is the mid-century modern reloaded with new cues and materials. I absolutely believe that it will be a fundamental reference in the luxury design since we’re talking about timeless elegance."
- Carlo Donati


The Inspiration Behind "La Dolce Vita"

Prepare yourself to enter a time-travelling experience to the 50s and 60s with the unique collection designed by Carlo Donati. Color, shapes, architecture and craftsmanship were the biggest inspirations behind the geometrical and sophisticated vision of the Italian designer.

"Lightness, sixties patterns, some kind of the iconic Italian "joie de vivre", like the atmosphere in ‘La dolce vita’ (Federico Fellini’s masterpiece), was something that I wanted to transmit with this unique collection."
- Carlo Donati

Made to Order

Essential Home is based in Oporto, one of the most renowned European cities with a strong craftsmanship culture. All of our products are hand-made with Portuguese artisan techniques, which give us the possibility to customize every product both in terms of dimensions and finishes. Make your product your one by turning it unique.




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