Living room as an art space

You can decorate living room in the spirit of the design gallery even without the help of paintings and sculptures. In the role of art objects will perform wallpapers and…


5 Cozy Modern Armchairs for your Living Room

More than likely, most of us grew up with that one cozy armchair in our house – you know, the one everyone fought to sit in. Chances are, that armchair…


The Wing Sofa, a bent wood sofa

A trip to the Louvre Museum inspired Ákos Huber to design the Wing Sofa, a bent wood sofa with flexible ropes for the seat. Studying Nike of Samothrace, a massive marble…

Theodor Dining Chair by Brdr. Krüger_1

Theodor Dining Chair by Brdr. Krüger

The Theodor Dining Chair takes it’s offspring in the Ferdinand Lounge Chair that was launched in 2014. OEO Studio’s vision has been to create a signature design that reflects contemporary…