Month: July 2016

2001: A space Odyssey redefine the art of directing and inspirewannabe film students everywhere. Director Stanley Kubrick became an icon and a trend setter for the industry. This 100% tencel, hand tufted rug was inspire by him and by his great piece of art, the graphic imprint seems to reassemble a large amount of spaceships though each of them at precisely the same distance of one another. You are left wondering where they are going.

Stanley Kubrick’s rug inspiration came from the outer space

Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999) was an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, and photographer. Part of the New Hollywood film-making wave, Kubrick’s films are considered by…

Mid century cafe

Midcentury: Our inspiration has history

The midcentury is a remarkable time in every way, from politics to the arts, through society or architecture. However, the most striking changes have given up on society and the…

How to Nail a Midcentury Scandinavian Style_n

How to Nail a Midcentury Scandinavian Style

Fourth-generation craftsman Jory Brigham picks up his family’s trade and takes an unexpected directions to an Midcentury Scandinavian Style furniture. Jory is like the Steinbeck of modern woodworking. His pieces…


Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Renovation

The danish-american designer Susan Serra updated her kitchen, in her home at Long Island, New York, inspired in a swedish painting, with a dose of modern scandinavian style. SEE ALSO:…