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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer Before Going on a DIY Spree
Whether you're moving houses or just planning a home makeover, DIY can be a big temptation, but that may not always be the best idea...
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Kingston Lafferty Design: A Key Source of Interior Design Inspiration
From home interior designs to offices and restaurants, KLD is the interior design company to look out to.
Kingston Lafferty Design is a recent but
4 Luchetti Krelle Interior Designs We Are Obsessed With
Check out the interior designs by the Australian design company, Luchetti Krelle. We can't get enough of their mid-century modern inspiration!
With a diverse portfolio
You can’t go without this inspiring armchair to complete your mid-century living room decor! It’s not arguable that any mid-century lover needs their own velvet mid century modern armchair to complete the l
Taking your room to the next level with Essential Home’s unique small side tables Small end tables are present in every house, and most of the time, what we see is the tipical and boring rectangular made out
Look around. What is the one thing that is missing in your living room? You might not even know it yet, but the truth is, what your mid-century modern home really is lacking is the perfect mid-century sofa to g
Get your house ready for Fall & Winter with the best mid-century sideboards and credenzas!   October is in. What does that mean? It means you should already be filling up your Pinterest boards with the bes
You want to be the new James Bond and as good friends we are, we want to be your Q, so we just built the most amazing mid century modern design furniture that will help you get your job done. Positively shockin
The sweet taste of a weekend night out is nothing if you don’t have the right drink to go with it, but there are some drinks that deserve a special attention and so do you. So, how can you turn your regular w
The mid-century modern style is amongst Millennial’s favorite interior design styles, and it is fairly easy to understand why. Mid-century interior designs make us travel to sunny Palm Springs, where the fee
We have talked about sideboards, consoles, and even rugs, here at Mid-Century Furniture. But a house is much more than that, and there are two special pieces that can be super versatile and be used to multiple
Mid-century rugs are essential in decoration. And if you want to get the full style, for modern rooms, you need to find a really nice mid-century rug. A rug is an accent for any living room, bedroom or dining
Any Mid Century home must have, that classic and iconic movie star and Heartbreaker feeling from the 60’s! So what better way to get that James Bond feeling than to have mid-century bar cart a furniture