Museo delle Culture – also known as MUDEC – was officially presented on March 26th, 2015. It is dedicated to the research on the cultures of the world and it focuses on the relationship of theses cultures with the city of Milan.   The permanent museum’s collection gathers the collections from different Milanese government agencies. […]

Located in Catskills, 100 miles north of New York City, this incredible project with Mid-Century details was developed by the architect Drew Lang – and it’s named ‘hudson woods’.     SEE ALSO: DISCOVER A FANTASTIC MID-CENTURY HOTEL IN MIAMI BEACH   Integrated within the natural landscape, this residential area comes with two basic layout options. They […]

Once again established in the beautiful of Moscow, the minimalist 140 square meters home you’re about to behold is shining with some of the best Mid-Century lighting examples.  We are sure you’re going to be dreaming about giving your whole home an absolute makeover! See more: Elect the perfect vintage style wall style Designed by FonBureau […]